WPC2224 - Wireless 4 Channel, three zones with exit/entrance delay and built-in Scheduler in Waterproof Case
datasheetmanualprice each: $3250  
User recorded Messages 4 maximum, variable in length, 16 seconds total time
Permanent Messages 5, preamble, exit/entrance delay, ready, battery low, sensor battery low
Radio Transmitter 1 to 5 watts Icom, other or user supplied FCC approved
Frequencies VHF, UHF, land mobile, 800/900 trunked and conventional
Inputs WLRX, 4 channel wireless reciever, internal
Outputs One antenna jack, for portable rubber duck type (BNC connector optional) for other antennas/cables
32 character liquid crystal display
Controls Ready toggle switch - panel mounted
Mode switch - record, play, test, operate
Message/Repeat Switch 1-4 positions
Play/Record button
Scheduler Mode button
Scheduler Inc button
Carrying case UK International Waterproof Ultra Case
Submersible to 1 meter
Dimensions 14.1" long x 10.6" wide x 6.1" deep.
Power requirements 115 VAC 10%, 20 watts during transmit, 300 milliwats in READY mode, built-in power supply/battery charger and internal rechargeable 12.6 volt 7 Ahr sealed battery (NP7-12) The Battery is fused with a 4 amp fast fuse. A.C. power cord is removable
Wireless sensor system Linear Corp. DX series
Environmental Temperature range -30 to 60 C ( -22 to 140 F)