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Sentinel Signaling Products are priced depending on a number of variables, such as configuration e.g. built-ins, radio system requirements and accessories. To recieve an accurate price quote contact Sentinel sales at (831) 685-0816 or email us at .

Catalog last updated 5/30/2018
Portable Alarms and Event Monitors
Model # Description Price
PC2100UPGRADE Convert 2100 series alarms to 2200 series. $1190
PC2224 Wireless 4 Channel, three zones with exit/entrance delay and built-in Scheduler $3150
PC2254 Wireless 4 Channel, three zones with exit/entrance delay, built-in Scheduler and invisible light beam $3500
WPC2224 Wireless 4 Channel, three zones with exit/entrance delay and built-in Scheduler in Waterproof Case $3250
Stationary Alarms and Event Monitors
Model # Description Price
NS2214 Four Input Stationary Voice Annunciated Radio Alarm $2990
Radio Options
Model # Description Price
APX 5000 APX 5000/6000/7000 Interface Adapter for User Supplied Motorola Radio $425
CELBOT Cellular communications module, SMS (Texting) and audio monitor $800
CELBOTUP Celbot upgrade for Senteinel Alarm $990
LPE200 Ericsson M/A-Com G.E. Interface Adaptor for the LPE 50/200 $350
M-RK Interface, GE Ericson M-RK $300
MTS2000 MTS2000 and HT1000 Interface Adaptor for User Supplied Motorola Radio. $300
MTX850-HT750 MTX 8250/850/950/9250 & HT750/1250 Interface Adaptor for User Supplied Motorola Radio $300
OTHERS For radios not listed call factory $Call
SABER Interface Adapter for User Supplied Motorola Radio $300
XPR6500 XPR6500 Interface Adaptor for User Supplied Motorola Radio $300
XTS1500 XTS1500/2000/2500 Interface Adaptor for User Supplied Motorola Radio $300
XTS3000 XTS3000/3500/5000 Interface Adaptor for User Supplied Motorola Radio $300
Portable Video Equipment
Model # Description Price
ACADAPT AC Power adapter, 12DC @ 1A. $20
VCAM1 Video Camera, Bullet style $200
VCAM2 Video Zoom camera, bullet style $220
VIDCABLEKIT Video Cable Kit includes all cables and connectors to set up video system $120
VIDCASE Carrying case sold separately for portable video system, Pelican brand $150
VIDEOCONT Video Controller - wireless sensor activated $1290
VIDEOKIT Complete wireless activated video system in water proof case $2290
VIDIR Infrared Illuminator, 30 foot range $75
VIDMON1 Video monitor for set-up $235
VIDREC Mini Video Recorder $220
Wireless Sensors
Model # Description Price
WLBMDX Bait Money transmitter $130
WLDCDX Direct connect wireless sensor for vehicle interior light circuit $140
WLDWDX Door Window transmitter with universal inputs $70
WLEXITDX Exit/Entrance delay transmitter $70
WLMAGDX Magnetic sensor and electronics for vehicle detection $650
WLMATDX Floor Mat with WLDWDX transmitter $160
WLPBDX Minature Keychain Panic Button transmitter $70
WLPIRDX Passive Infrared Sensor $120
WLPTDX Miniature Pendant transmitter $70
WLSEISDX Seismic sensor for earth vibration detection $650
WLVIBDX Vibration Sensor - same as WLDWDX with built in vibration sensor $100
Accessories and Replacement Parts
Model # Description Price
ANT1 1/4 wave ground plane VHF, UHF $100
ANT4 Hidden wire antenna, VHF $65
ANT5 Hidden wire Antenna, UHF $65
ANT6 Hidden wire Antenna, 800 MHZ $65
ANT7 Antenna, rubber molded, 806-866 Mhz, BNC connector $25
ANTEXT Antenna extention cable for WPC external antenna $85
BAT 7 Amp hour battery $40
BNCICOM Antenna Cable Adapter, Icom radio to BNC cable $25
BNCMOT Antenna Cable Adapter, Motorola radio to BNC cable $15
CABL Extension Cable for 2 wire sensors, 25' length $49
EXTRDYSW External Ready Switch for remote control $50
INPLUG 3.5mm plug for input/accessory jacks $5
LLATCH Locking latches for case, 1 pair, comes with 2 keys $38
PS12800 Battery Charger for Sentinel Batteries $75
REFL Reflector for Invisible Light Beam $7
SOLAR Solar panel 10 watt flexible $295
WPCCASE Water proof carrying case $140
Station Manager
Model # Description Price
SMPLUS Station Manager + $249
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