Washington County Sheriff's Office

Hillsboro, Oregon

The alarm system produced by Karas Technical Services has been deployed by our agency for about five years now and we have experienced almost no troubles with any of their equipment. On the rare occasion a problem has occurred, Karas was quick to repair the defect and return it to us at no charge, even on our older units.

The equipment is a simple setup that is proven and reliable and easily falls under the "KISS" principle. With little instruction, just about anyone from the typical beat officer on up to even an administrator can operate the system. We have also found that with a little creativeness, the triggering transmitters can be adapted or modified to fit into an almost limitless number of applications. For the more technically inclined investigator, Karas Technical Services' sales staff has been extremely helpful and always seem happy to share technical information regarding the system's operation. I have found with many other vendors of law enforcement equipment, often times the sales representative doesn't possess the knowledge of the internal workings and the technical staff is hesitant to share such information.

Some of our typical applications include bait cars for vehicle/contents thefts, panic alarms for victim/witness protection, burglary alarms, robbery hold-up alarms, and early warning devices for surveillance. These alarms are also easily adaptable to work in conjunction with equipment from other vendors such as video and audio recording equipment. If your agency is looking for a reliable system that can be easily deployed in it's basic design by a casual user, yet is capable of more advanced applications for the experienced user, I would highly recommend products by Karas Technical Services.

Detective Ken Aberle

City of Beaverton

Beaverton, Oregon

Thanks to your alarm system, we caught a "serial" thief this week. A local boat dealership was suffering from on-going thefts from their high-end, big boats that had to be stored on their lot. Several nights a week someone was getting into the boats and stealing electronics and high-dollar teak fixtures.

We set up the Sentinel alarm using the infrared beam feature. The second night it was there, the alarm sounded. Patrol Officers deployed silently around the business, spotted a guy poking his head up from inside a boat and peeking around, then climb out of one boat and into another!

They closed in on him and caught him as he tried to run. This guy turns out to be a big time burglar that lived two blocks from the dealership! We've recovered about $20,000 in stolen merchandise so far!

Just thought I would let you know. The Detectives really like this system.

Mike Harrell

Loveland Police Department

Loveland, Colorado

I am happy to report that we arrested a female adult this past week for five counts of theft from a workout locker at a local spa. She had gotten away with five purses in the past month, so I went and bought my own purse (I felt kind of silly) and baited it with a few items out of our found property bin. I also included a mercury switch and transmitter so that the moment she picked the purse up and stuck it in her gym bag, the detectives waiting in the lobby knew they had a bite. We placed the Sentinel in a large gym bag and carried it with us for this operation. The Sentinel filled the bill for this capture as video certainly couldn't be used.

Thanks for all your help, Stan.

Best regards.

Sgt. Ron Andersen

Clovis Police Department

Clovis, California

With the help of a Sentinel Portable Radio Alarm, Clovis Police successfully apprehended members of a youth gang which had been stealing automobile stereos and electronic equipment. According to Clovis P.D. they set out a bait vehicle equipped with high quality radio stereo gear. The vehicle was also equipped with a Sentinel portable radio alarm using wireless magnetic door switches on passenger and driver doors.

After missing the culprits, who had burglarized a number of nearby vehicles, finally the alarm went off, sending a radio transmission directly over an auxiliary repeater. The men on duty responded immediately and caught the group with evidence as they were leaving the premises. It seems the gang had an inside helper, a custodian at the local theater, who acted as lookout. The thieves entered the vehicle through the skylight and opened the doors from the inside to get at the equipment and activated the Sentinel alarm.