SMPLUS - Station Manager +
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The Station Manager+ (SM+) was designed to combine, into one enclosure, an assortment of amatuer radio accessories such as a wireless microphone/headphone, phone patch, audio mixer, CW ID'er and other devices and switch boxes to optimize integration of a station.

To employ a full duplex wireless microphone/headphone of the wireless telephone type(Jabra GN9350E), an interface jack (RJ22)is provided. To maintain compliance with governmental require­ments for periodic identification, a programmable CW ID'er is included with unique chromatic features. A mixer with gain controls are included to mix the ID'er audio with the wireless mic audio before it is directed to the transceiver mic audio input.

To use two transceivers to implement a dual watch/dual diversity receive system requires an interface using a switch and steering diodes to control the secondary transceiver so it mutes during transmit on the primary transceiver.

Also, to keep track of operator talking and receiving habits, i.e. the Talkometer feature was included. It is a periodic timer/counter that responds to on-the-air time and keeps track of talk time in respect to receive time.

Also included is an AC line voltage monitor to track line voltage so the operator may check for high line voltage conditions which may be harmful to equipment such as amplifier tubes.

The DC monitor keeps track of the voltage of any battery backup or DC power supply that the operator may employ.

It also includes a programmable amplifier tuning pulser.

All menus and settings are accessed through the menu buttons on the front panel.

A 2 X 16 Character back lit LCD display is used to indicate all the settings and time keeping operations as well as the voltmeters.

Six memory locations are available to store all the different settings for later recall.

Power supply 9-15 VAC or 9-15 volts DC, 150 ma., with Wireless Jabra unit plugged in, current is approx. 350ma. +/- 50 ma
7.5 volt souce rating 300 ma maximum
Case Soft touch elastomer (TPU) edge grips created by multi-shot molding ABS/TPU, Size
AC Monitor Range, 100 to 150 vac, accuracy, +/- ,5%. Calibratable. The AC volts monitor is not meant to be a precision meter. Because the load variations with the SM+ configurations, such as the Jabra wireless mircophone being on, off or charging, the readings will vary.
DC monitors Range, 0 to 15 vdc, accuracy, +/- .5%. Calaibratable
Talkometers Tx PTT, RX squelch, Total elasped time
Talkometer Auto reset 1 -180 minutes
CW ID'er Speed 5-30 words per minute
CW ID'er interval 1 to 60 minutes
CW ID'er code string 16 characters, all standard morse code characters are available. '^' character is string delimimter
CW ID'er tones 12 frequencies, each corresponds to a musical note, C at 523hz, C# at 554 hz, D at 587 hz, D# at 622 hz, E at 659 hz, F at 698 hz, F# at739 hz, G at 783 hz, G# at 830 hz, A at 880 hz, A# at 932 hz, B at 988 hz.
Pulser rate 10 - 50 hz
Pulser duration 1 -20 secs
Wireless telephone interface RJ22 connector.
CPU oscillator clock frequency 16 mhz, adjust to less than +/- 30 hz for best time keeping. The closer to 16.000 Mhz the better.